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Appropriate postures for jewelry saleswoman
2007-11-29 11:31:06
In the sales of jewellery, the use of body language will be very extensive. Body Language different from the general language, it is intuitive, accompanied by, nationality and so on. Where jewellery salesperson if the effective use of body language, will be more conducive to the delivery of information goods.

According to the use of body language and facial expressions of different positions, the body language can be divided into expression language, sign language and body language Attitude three.

⒈ expression language

Through facial expressions to exchange feelings, transmission of information, the language of expression is language, expressions and language including the phrase eyes smile language,

Their performance of the strong relations with services more closely.

The eyes are the window of the soul, different eyes reflect the different information. Paul, forthright, dedicated attention, people, integrity, broad-minded, progressive performance in this eye and vision Front customers can quickly narrow the distance between each other, easy to obtain the trust of customers in order to facilitate the sale transactions. Locked the brows, cold eyes, only Jurenxuqianlizhiwai.

Language is the best look at the smiling eyes out. Smiling eyes is a natural and cordial, goodwill can straight into the hearts of customers, sincere and self-confidence gives the impression that a strong attractive and persuasive power, easier access to customer trust. So Where salesperson attention should be strengthened language training, learning will be useful knowledge to use their own work.

In the use of the phrase should be avoided vision and numbness sluggish, eyes atheism and his eyes wavering, eyes treacherous, Siding customers phenomenon, it would make the customer not natural. These customers will look phrase that is frivolous or dishonest original performance, the emotional impact on customers to buy, or even failure will lead to transactions.

By not speak out with a smile laughter to the transmission of information known as the Body Language smile language. Front customers, warm, peach-like, is what we call the "Smile services." Smile human language is the best language, the lingua franca in the world, apart from expressing its friendly, cheerful, happy, welcome, appreciate the request, and sometimes can be expressed regret, denial, denial.

At the same time, a smile is the best Jianmianli, emotional communication is the best lubricant. Where salesperson should be smiling facial expression relaxed, natural and delivers to customers the information goodwill and happiness, no customers are willing to face plate with a guide or a salesperson Kusangzhaolian deal, because people will smile is a must cultivate a popular person . Where salesperson and the customer should contact the beginning of the end of the sale, he has to keep a smile services, which will not only help guide the creation of a good salesperson, politeness, sincerity good impression, but also contributed to a transaction goes smoothly. Where salesperson in the same smile when attention should be paid to the attention of some of the relevant issues.

① natural smile, prohibit wry smile. Natural smile can show satisfactory results, not because the sales encounter difficult customers or potential home emergency reasons, such as laughter very reluctantly, and even laugh than cry also ugly. That the customer will guide customers salesperson is the face of a helpless, the purchase of a negative mood.

② customers understand the difficulties. In the face of tough customers first should be thoughtful, forgive it. Imagine if the customers themselves, to spend hard labor has earned savings to buy a jewelry, and the knowledge of this little fear of careless Hualeyuankuangjian not buy happiness of things, but in exchange for the feelings of trouble, is absolutely should be understood and respected. Secondly, should know a few of the customers are Chengzhe nothing to feed the Huacha. Understand this point, can be thoughtful, caring heart to face customers "make things difficult."

2. Sign language

With the upper body of information is transmitted sign language communication. Sign language include fingers, hands, arms and hands can carry issued by the Information Communication various movements, with finger language, the phrase shook hands, waved and applauded language communicative function of the strongest language.

3. Attitude of language

The use of the edge of information is conveyed by the position of the phrase. There is generally a posture of the phrase sitting, standing, and take such attitude. Where sales staff to develop their own temperament to pay more attention to their own standing and sitting, stations must sit dignified, stable. Any indecent behaviour and habits of action, a person can reflect a lack of self-cultivation and self-confidence, Xinshenbuding. If constant touch hair, touch face, Wabikong The growing ties, and Latin America sleeves, knock on the table, or even shaken, such as legs shaking legs.
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